Cyber Friends With Benefits

Curvy bombshell Red Widow plays a girl who’s having a casual chat with a friend. Suddenly she starts to behave in a very odd manner, repeating a sentence like she’s stuck on a loop.

What could’ve caused this? Turns out she’s an advanced female android that has malfunctioned!. While his friend is wondering what’s going on, he gets a notification on a device asking him to connect to her. He discovers she has a control panel with no indications on how to operate her.

He realizes he’s in for a naughty fun time where she will restart in ‘stripper bot’ mode, shut down, freeze, act completely embarrassed when she reboots, and many more antics. If one of your friends were a fembot, Would you try to control her?

  • Duration:  14 minutes
  • Starring: Red Widow and Dann
  • Main themes: Robot, Fembot, Freeze, Mind Control, Doll, Stripper, Body views, Submission, ENF
  • Language: Spanish (Subtitled to English)
  • Nudity: Top (down to panties). No male nudity.



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