The Wizard’s Friend, pt. 1

Red Widow, a bodacious curvy latina is visiting a friend to catch up, little she knows, her friend is actually a Wizard who can play with her mind like a toy, making her freeze like a doll or pose like a mannequin, or even follow commands with no resistance whatsoever. He has some mischievous ideas in mind for the evening, and will make her his personal doll. She will  be none the wiser! What would you do if you had such powers?

Red Widow is casually chatting with the Wizard, who magically freezes her with a tapping on her forehead, he poses her, fondles her, and removes part of her clothing, whenever she goes back to normal, she notices something is off, but she finds it slightly arousing. Then the wizard snaps his fingers which causes Red Widow to enter a state of total obedience. The wizard commands her to pose like a mannequin.

  • Duration:  14 minutes
  • Starring: Red Widow and Dann
  • Main themes: Freeze, Mind Control, Doll, Mannequin, Body views, Submission
  • Language: Spanish (Subtitled to English)
  • Nudity: Top and bottom. No male nudity.