VR Delights, Pt. 2

In the near future, VR Delights, a super advanced game will allow users to not only interact with stunningly sexy characters, it will also allow players like you to activate interactive pauses where you can explore, pose and caress your favorite model, all while playing a seduction game where the goal is to take her to bed. Do you have what it takes to take VR Delights to the ultimate level?

Although the results weren’t very satisfactory, the game allows the user to advance to the next level, a disco. In this level the user dances with Red Widow, all while again activating the interactive pause. This time the user gets bolder revealing Red Widow’s voluptuous breasts, buttocks and legs. Once the game is restarted she seems to be having a really good time with the user. What will happen next?

  • Duration:  11 minutes
  • Starring: Red Widow and Dann
  • Main themes: Freeze, Mind Control, Doll, Stripper, Body views, Submission, VR Simulation
  • Language: Spanish (Subtitled to English)
  • Nudity: Top (down to panties). No male nudity.



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